Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello again!   Here we are at a Humanitarian Meeting with the Committee we work withs herre in Guyana.  Elder and Sister Moore are behind us that are missionaires and live in Barbados!   Lucky!  Then Dr. Christiansen, and our committee members from here in Georgetown. The happy one of the far right is President Taylor, who serves in the District Presidency.

                             A nice relaxing dinner at the hotel out by the only pool I have seen in Georgetown!

This cute little family was having dinner and noticed our badges so we gave them a Book of Mormon!
He is a pilot and his boss is LDS!  You never know!!
They actually have 10 children!!   Wouldn't that be something!!!!    IF.........????

We LOVE the scenery in this country!!!

Here we are with Dr Vandyke, chairman of the "Prevention of the Blind" and the traveling missionaries helping with Humanitarian efforts! 

We love that there are women opthomologists here in Guyana!!

Dr. Christiansen from SLC got a kick out of this sign

We loved this beautiful and sweet mural painted on the wall!  Notice the name of the village--Unityville!!

Be grateful you don't have this many people waiting in front of you to see the Doctor!
The hospitals are government owned and so it's free!  Make sure this doesn't happen to us!

One of the beautiful nurses that lives in Linden. Most of them even wore their nurses caps!!!

Stopped to add some fruit to our picnic lunch on the road!

We enjoyed our picnic at the tables in the BayRock Community Center!  They even had centerpieces for us!

We love the beautiful scenery as we travel from town to town!

This is one of our favorite buildings in Georgetown!  Some kind of church I think.

We were able to show this lighthouses to our visitors from SLC!  It reminded me of my Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Olds as she left her husband in South Africa for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  He worked at a lighthouse and everytime I see one I think of that amazing story of courage!

They are bigger thank you think!!

Inside walking up the stairs!  Dr. C loved it!!  Good bye for now!!!!

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